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Elo Wallaby Pro Self-Service Countertop Stand

by Elo
Original price £777.99 - Original price £777.99
Original price
£777.99 - £777.99
Current price £777.99

Elo's Wallaby Pro stands are revolutionizing the industry, streamlining the process of developing interactive self-service solutions. Tailored for high-traffic settings, these stylish and compact stands facilitate limitless customization options and straightforward access to internal components. Select from a range of features, including 22- to 27-inch Elo touchscreens, computing devices, printers, ADA keypads or assist buttons, payment devices, edge connect accessories, and a backer board for enhanced brand messaging. With the Wallaby Pro, businesses gain the agility required to swiftly deploy self-service solutions.


**Screen not included**